Craftsmanship & Value

Refitting and restoring beds, whether it's your family heirloom or a Leonards antique, is a mainspring of our business. Vintage bedposts, rails and headboards are expertly adapted to suit the tastes and dimensions of today's modern families.

Our process is precise. Woods are matched, hand-cut mortise and tenon joinery is replicated to the original construction and the fine art of finishing begins. After hand-stripping and sanding the wood, the piece is stained with a non-toxic, water-based product to bring out the depth and integrity of grain. A final coat of shellac is applied followed by paste varnish and wax to ensure durability.

Once refinished and/or refitted, a bed's value is actually enhanced. If not restored a bed would remain unused, therefore, appraisers agree that a bed can withstand a far more complete restoration and still retain or increase its worth.